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by Kai Kit Wong, 26 January 2018

Chinese medicine places an important emphasis on the cyclical influence of the seasons on human health. Each season brings with it different energies. Spring introduces new beginnings of life as plants pushes out of the soil. Sprouts and green vegetables are great during Spring to detox and cleanse our liver and gallbladder after months of dense winter meals.

Summer is a season of abundance and flourish. The warmth allows fruits to mature and ripen. This is the time to indulge in peaches, nectarines, mangoes and all stone fruits. Watermelons and coconuts are plentiful during this season as a refreshing antidote to the summer heat and to replenish our body fluids.

Autumn is a season of harvest and storage. This is a time to turn our focus within as everything in nature starts to contract to preserve their essence inwards. Apples and pears are great for moistening the dryness that sets in with the cool weather.

Winter is when the energies of earth sink into the ground. Therefore root vegetables are wonderful during this season to harness the deep energies of the earth. Warm hearty soups and stews and roasted nuts are great to warm the inner core of our body.

Eating fruits and vegetables according to the seasons should have been second nature to us, yet this is an instinct that we have lost. With any fruits and vegetables so abundantly available all year round, it is almost impossible to identify which is actually in season. Shop at small-scale local markets where storage and transport facilities are not as advanced. Only can we be sure of the freshness of our produce.

A great way to make use of the abundance of fruit and veggies. Why not encourage your family and friends to make a pledge to be kind and vego for this festive season: https://www.bekindbevego.org/pledge