Meet Jing Fang

Jing Fang is an architect with over 9 years of experience.  She lives in Sydney. Outside work, Jing is an active member of the Fo Guang Shan temple – among others, as the Vice President of BLIA ALOKA sub chapter, Scouts Leader of BLIA Scouts NSW, Three Acts Of Goodness’s (children class) teacher. Jing loves traveling, staying active and fitness training, keeping her on top of the life.

What is your reason for choosing vego? 

My very first reason was to protect our mother Earth. Animals, especially cows, produce lots of methane. I wanted to contribute towards reducing greenhouse gas emission. Later I learnt about animal cruelty and the brutal treatment of animals in farming industries. It blew my mind and I decided to be compassionate to animals. To take the stand for them who cannot speak for themselves.

When did you start going vego? 

In 2014 as vegetarian. In 2017 March I transitioned to vegan, plant-based diet.

What were your challenges? 

Being the only vego in my family. 

How did you overcome them?  

I tried explaining to my family that vego is my choice of living. It took a lot of effort getting them to understand why I chose a vego lifestyle. They eventually accepted.

How did you convince your family?

I had to educate them at the beginning and it wasn’t easy. My health speaks louder than my words and that proved to them that plant-based diet is great.

What do you think are some misconceptions about vego?

People tend to think that vegos are lacking in energy and nutrition. These are misconceptions.

Did you notice any good or bad changes to your health or being after vego?

I did not encounter anything other than beneficial changes. I am healthier than before and hardly fall sick. My stomach no longer bloats. My skin is brighter. The only minor issue I had was B12 deficiency at the beginning of my vego diet, which is resolved with B12 supplements.

What would you say to a newbie vego?

Congratulations for taking this step. Your happy and healthy journey is about to begin. Be patient and persistent. Millions of animals will thank you for saving their lives. Eating mock meat every day is not healthy either. Remember to consume lots of vegetables and fruits. It is the balanced diet that keeps us healthy. 

What would you like to say to a non-vego?

If we wait for somebody to do something to end animal cruelty, global warming or climate change, then remember we are that SOMEBODY. Be that SOMEBODY. Every individual counts. 

What kind of support would you like from the community?

I would like to think it is the other way around. What can we contribute to our community? Be the person who makes the change, taking a stand for animals that cannot speak. Spread the message of humanity. Be the light and spread the light.