rice noodle

Stir Fry Flat Rice Noodle
By Chef Ling Halbert

Preparation : ±15 mins
Cooking : ± 15 mins
Serves : 6


1 kg fresh rice noodles
2 bunch chinese kale
1 cup tofu medium firm
3 cups mushrooms
2 pc tomatoes
6 tbsp soy sauce
3 tbsp sweet caramel sauce
6 tbsp olive oil
1 tsp pepper


• Wash and cut kale into bite sized pieces
• Wash and cut tomato into bite sized pieces
• Soak the mushrooms in cold/warm water in advance for 20 mins. Rinse and slice the mushrooms
• Cut tofu into bite size pieces


• Add 3 tablespoons of oil into pan with the noodles and let it simmers with the lid on for 1-2 minutes until browned evenly on one side. Toss the noodle upside down and follow the same process. Once done, put aside
• Add sweet caramel sauce, pepper and soy sauce, mix well and set aside
• Add oil into pan with tofu, kale, soy sauce, mushrooms and tomatoes, stir lightly and let it simmers with the lid on for 2 minutes
• Add soy and sweet caramel sauces to the pan and bring to boil
• Add the noodles back into pan and stir until well mixed
Note that the cooking time listed is based on gas stove. Time might vary slightly if you are using electric stove