Medium firm tofu – 200 g for two people
Turmeric powder. I heaped tea spoon. Give a yellow colour.
Curry powder – 1 heaped tea spoon
Soy Sauce – 1 tablespoon&lt
Pepper – 1⁄2 teaspoon

Greens. For taste and colour, choose something like:
• Parsley
• Spinach
• Green perilla
• Rocket

For the side dish:
• Mushrooms
• Tomatoes
• Olive oil for frying


• In a flat pan add some oil and heat.
• Add the tofu and break it up with a spatula.
• Add the turmeric, curry powder, soy sauce and pepper.
• Add the chopped green.
• Fry until it looks good.
• In another pan fry the tomatoes and onions.
• Serve the tofu. Let the water drain from the serving spoon. The tofu releases water as you cook it.
• Serve the side dish.
• Add toast as desired.