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by Siew Hsiang Chow, 10 March 2018

Buddhists are vegos to avoid taking life.  Buddhism advocates not killing, but to live a life completely without killing is no easy task.  For example, when you go to see a doctor and he gives you an injection to wipe out the bacteria causing your illness, is this not taking life?  All phenomena are created by the mind, and when it comes to taking life, the karmic results of our actions depend largely upon whether or not there was an intention to kill.

The Buddhist sutras say, “When the Buddha gazes upon a glass of water, he sees eighty-four thousand beings.” So, when we drink the water, are we not killing them? According to Venerable Master Hsing Yun, it cannot be considered taking life as there is no intention to kill, there cannot be the thought of killing.

Buddhism takes the deliberate taking of life that is done with motive and intention as an expression of anger seriously, for such actions create heavy bad karma.

Adopting meat free diet is a way to support the practice of no killing.  It’s important to make the right choice when you are deciding what to eat – be kind and wouldn’t it be a great feeling when you know no animal life is taken just for your meals?

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