By Jing Yi Wee, 10 September 2017

At Be Kind Be Vego, we believe going meat-free is one of the best ways to practise compassion and kindness.  But have you thought about why humans eat meat in the first place?   And why it generally seems “ok” for people to eat certain types of meats (e.g. chickens) and not others (e.g. dog meat seems to be generally non-acceptable)?

According to psychologist Dr. Melanie Joy, humans eat meat due to the deeply ingrained ideology of carnism.  Carnism is the belief that conditions people to eat certain types of animals.

Carnism is invisible and an unconscious decision where people often do not realise that eating animals is an option. Meat-eaters usually do not think about why they eat some animals but not others, or why they eat them. They also do not realise that it causes sufferings to animals and the environment. By having awareness of how carnism impacts us, we will be able to make better food choices.

Find out more from this animated and interesting video ( where Dr. Melanie Joy explains the secret reason why humans eat meat.

Some food for thought.