Servings : ± 4


480 g pasta
280 g broccoli
80 g tomato
400 g tomato juice
40 g olive oil
A pinch of parsley
A pinch of basil
A pinch of salt and pepper



• Boil water and put some salt into the water. Once boiled, add the pasta into the water. Once pasta is soften (not too soft), drain pasta and set aside.
• Chop the broccoli into smaller pieces and put them in boiled water until cooked.
Once cooked, put the broccoli in ice water.
• Peel off the tomato skin and dice the tomatoes into smaller pieces
• Heat the pan with olive oil, add the chopped broccoli and tomatoes and tomato juice and stir fry. Add pasta to the pan and let it stew for a short period.
• Add a pinch of salt and pepper for flavouring
• Serve with fresh basil and parsley

Tips for homemade tomato sauce

• Peel off the tomato skins and remove the seeds then dice into small cubes
• In a bowl, add the diced tomatoes with salt, pepper and olive oil and mix well
• Pour the mixed ingredients onto a medium hot pan and simmer in low heat until the sauce is thickened.