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By KC Liew, 10 July 2017

Many people are concerned that a vegetarian or vegan diet won’t have enough iron because of the misconception that meat is the only source of iron.
This is not true!
Plant-based foods contain high amounts of iron as well. Its absorption can be enhanced by eating vitamin C foods.
Here are the top 10 meat free sources of iron to cover all your daily meals:

1.    Weetbix
2.    All Bran cereal
3.    Rolled oats

Lunch and Dinner
4.    Legumes including kidney beans, green lentils and chickpeas
5.    Tofu
6.    Cooked wholemeal pasta and wholegrain bread
7.    Raw spinach and broccoli
8.    Cooked brown rice

9.    Cashews and almonds
10.    Dried apricots 

Happy eating!