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by Kai Kit Wong,  10 February 2018

Water is vital for human survival. We can live without food for several days. But without water, we cannot survive for more than 3 days.

However, we are now facing a global shortage of water. The growing world population is placing increasing demands on our fresh water supplies. Yet lesser rainfall, rising temperatures and shrinking icebergs mean that the planet is drying up. If we want to sustain humanity in the future, we have to look at critical ways of conserving water, more than just saving water in the kitchen, bathroom or garden.

Did you know that to produce one pound of meat protein, it takes 15 times more water than producing one pound of soy protein?

We would think that perhaps the animals are drinking a lot. No. A whopping 98% of the water footprint of animal products goes to cultivation of the feed crops. Therefore if this amount of water is channelled to the cultivation of crops for human consumption, we could have produced more food with less water.

By reducing even a fraction of our meat consumption, we could be conserving water to save the planet for us and for our future generations.

You can read more about the comparison of water footprint: http://waterfootprint.org/en/water-footprint/product-water-footprint/water-footprint-crop-and-animal-products/

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